Cheshire Barbell is a strength & conditioning facility and licensed weightlifting club based in the heart of Cheshire UK, offering a large range of the best quality coaching services with one focus: results. If you're looking to learn how to enhance and optimise performance, improve body composition, prevent injury and refine your nutritional intake, then Cheshire Barbell is right for you. Our facility boasts a large range of high quality equipment, experienced coaches and educational systems that will guarantee you progress toward your end goals.

Cheshire Barbell was built on a passion for sports science and the ability to optimise performance through subtle yet intelligent coaching and programming interventions. Alongside 

If you live outside of Cheshire, then don't panic! We offer an extremely unique, detailed and carefully structured online coaching system that provides you with everything you need as an individual, to get the results that you want.


No matter what your goals or level of experience, or whether you prefer to work with us in person or online, you can expect to receive the very best service.

Karl Page MSc BSc

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