Struggle contracting the chest when benching? Perhaps you often hit a sticking point in the bottom p

It is common knowledge that in order to maximise the development of a particular muscle, you must place it under the right amount of mechanical and physiological stress. The problem is, most people tend to ignore this and instead focus on simply moving the load from point A to point B. You must focus on contracting the muscle you are wanting to develop! Some call this the "mind-muscle connection", as explained here in an article by Bret Contreras. Often, this involves decreasing the load and slowing the tempo in order to improve exercise technique. Unfortunately, doing so will reduce the rate force production, a stimulus that is required for developing the central nervous system optimally (f

How to: Jerk

The jerk is an excellent total-body exercise for improving power production, postural strength, overhead stability, and eccentric strength. The key feature of this lift has to be the explosive triple extension (hips, knees and ankles) in order to force the bar upward. Including movements such as the jerk into an individuals programme will help improve power output and thus develop vertical jump performance which has a strong correlation with sprint speeds (Shalfawi, et al., 2011). Another benefit to performing the jerk has to be the potential for increasing eccentric strength due to the high forces experienced during the landing or "receive" phase of the lift. In this case, the jerk will hel


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