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16 week training plan, which has been designed for you to progress your work capacity, resilience, and strength for running performance in the hills/mountains.


Goal-specific programming, with strategy and information provided to support your training.


Nutrition plan, with supportive guidelines, and documents specific to this style of training.


Access to database of exercise instructional videos.


Programming housed on Cheshire Barbell's 'Trainerize' App as well as Training Peaks.


Please allow 48 hours for set up. This programme will begin as of the following Monday. We will send you some detailed instructions once your account has been set up


Free access to my online course "Enhanced Lifestyle Blueprint" helping you optimise sleep, energy, mindset, focus and nutrition.




Athlete Requirements:

Must be able to get out into a mountainous environment at least once every 3 weeks


Lifting: compound movement focused, so athlete must be comfortable with free weights.


Running: athlete should be able to run for 30 mins continuously (at a low intensity/in Z2).

16 week programme (one off payment):

Pay monthly: