A few words from Karl:


It is a pleasure to be working with Jayne. Her story so far is a perfect example of what can be achieved if you commit yourself to a goal, even with little to no experience at all. 


Not long after I started working with Jayne, I remember her continuously telling me how little she believed in herself and her own ability. My reply during one of her coaching sessions was that I'd soon have her squatting with a bar equalling her bodyweight, to which she thought was a joke, and a pretty funny one at that!


A few months down the line and Jayne is squatting 97.5kg and recently smashed a PB deadlift with 130kg for 3 reps! She is confident on her feet whilst completing the conditoning sessions i have prescribed, and is even swimming in open water!


She is a completely different person from when we first met, not only to look at and her ability to move well, but also in herself. Jayne is now extremely confident on the platform and helps motivate and reassure others.


I am extremely looking forward to pushing Jayne toward her next goal in December. 

       Jayne Molyneux


"Hi Karl, I just wanted to thank you for all of your help and support in getting me to being a triathlon finisher!


“When I started training with Karl  12 months ago I was a very overweight, out of shape, mum of 3. I had tried all kinds of weird and wonderful diets  and thought that doing zumba would bring me the fitness benefits that I needed. When It became apparent I turned to you as a last resort – having very low self esteem this took a massive amount of courage.


I found his nutritional advice really helpful, a gentle introduction to better dietary habits before the fine tuning began. I also was reassured that my exercise programme was challenging but not impossible!

Over the months I developed from only managing body weight exercises to starting to learn the basics of Olympic weightlifting.

My physical strength was mirrored by my growing mental strength, attitude and self belief.  It’s this new found confidence that led me to set myself some challenges for 2014 and I entered a triathlon! For some context – I hadn’t swum in 20 years and had never done open water swimming, I didn’t own a bike, hadn’t ridden a bike in 20 years, had never ridden a bike with gears and had never clipped into the pedals before, oh and I couldn’t run!


My programme was developed to help my achieve my goal of finishing the event, getting stronger, fitter, faster and staying injury free over the course of 6 months. I learned to use different elements of training to learn the skills I needed for the event and gain the confidence I needed. I also learned that my body could do so much more than I ever imagined and that I could actually push myself physically much further than my brain sometimes thought!

Half way to my event I did a 15,000 ft tandem parachute jump – those hanging leg raises that had been introduced to my plan certainly helped the landing – along with the weight  loss that meant I could take part!


When my event arrived I was really nervous, I was nauseous and my heart rate was through the roof but the support was there  - as always. A quick text with some reassurance and I was fine!


As I lined up at the start of the open water swim, with Team GB representatives, experienced triathletes and a few novices, I felt that I was just as good as all of them and that I would be finishing with a smile on my face!


A few swift kicks to the ribs and belly at the start of the swim were a real shock to the system – but that’s open water swimming for you! I soon got left behind but just kept swimming – quitting never crossed my mind. I knew if I relaxed, kept smiling and kept swimming that I could make up the time once I got out of the water.  That newly found mental toughness  came from training at Cheshire Barbell with Karl!


Once on my bike I knew that I was going to smash it. All of those trap bar deadlifts focussed my pushing up the very hilly course and before I knew it I was passing people and even managed to lap a couple!!!

Finally on the run, I just had to keep going – one foot in front of the other, head up, smiling! I crossed the finish line and was announce as a triathlete and I haven’t stopped grinning yet J


12 months ago I could barely do a simple squat, cried in the gym and found myself intimidated by all of those super fit athletes out there. Here I am today, a skydiving, triathlete, role model to my children and colleagues at work.


Thank you Karl for helping to shape me into the person I am today – who knew I could achieve so much already. Here’s to my next challenge”


Thank you Karl – you helped to get me to this point and I feel like I am properly living my life at last!