Jayne Molyneux


"After struggling with my body being unresponsive to changes in my exercise plan and adjustments to my nutrition I was becoming frustrated. As ever, Karl listened to my moaning! But then started to interrogate my collection of subtle symptoms - feeling stressed and anxious, increased frequency of night terrors, mood swings, weight loss not happening, low energy and feeling generally meh!


He went away, researched, networked and pulled together a proposal around an anti-fungal protocol. I was curious and not sure I was entirely convinced. I went away, sourced all my supplements and got myself prepared. I went away on holiday and came back even more stressed than ever.After 5 days I realised that, although my job had become more stressful, I was feeling more in control. Although my working days were longer, I was full on energy and could think with much more clarity. My sleep quality improved and in that first week I shed 3kg!!!


The results have been so good my husband has started it this week - his ibs symptoms are already markedly improved and he feels much better.Thanks Karl for all of your efforts to go above and beyond what I would have expected an average personal trainer to do. Your services and support are truly outstanding!!"


Paul Mason

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