Karl Llorca


"I attend the November Olympic Weightlifting Course at Cheshire Barbell ran by Karl Page and found it to be full of tips and facts and plenty of coaching but overall it was fun!


I am not a seasoned lifter, nor am I training for a competition and to be honest was a little apprehensive about going on this kind of course as I thought I would look stupid or not be able to do any of the lifts. The pre-course information was spot on in preparing me for what was going to take place but what it didn't prepare me for was the personal progression I would make in such as short space of time.


I am sure Karl can explain it in technical terms but I have always suffered with lack of depth in my squatting, that has improved immensely whilst training with Karl on a weekly basis over the last 3 years, but this weekend with all the focus on mobility and just getting down to the correct positions for receiving the bar, and doing lots of stability work and from the ad-hoc coaching I got from my class mates; Karl promotes a very supportive atmosphere so we learn from one another, has seen my mobility and squat depth literally go through the floor.


I am not a sporty person, and as such am not very confident in a sporty environment but I could not recommend this course enough to anyone who is considering lifting for the first time as Karl is able to ensure you learn the right techniques in the right manner to enable you to succeed. Thanks!"

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