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       Leza Walker


"Having trained for almost 20 years I became aware that I was doing the same thing over and over and making no progress what so ever. I was introduced to Karl 12 months ago and I instantly liked his passion and dedication for everything fitness, he revolutionised my work outs and my whole attitude to training. Before meeting Karl I would spend hours in the gym doing mainly cardo and seeing very little results. Karl devised a personalised training programme for me and the results I have seen are amazing. No longer do I spend hours hammering the treadmill and bike, I now lift weights along with interval sessions and spend less time in the gym but see awesome results!! On top of the training programme which is updated regularly to meet my specific goals Karl devised a food plan for me to work with to aid my training.  I have never eaten so well!!


Before training with Karl I did minimal weight training I thought it was for men only!! I couldn’t complete a full press up, pull up or squat.  Now I am proud to say that I can do 30 full press ups, 8 pull ups and my back squat 1RM is 97.5 kg. I have also just completed 2 two day weight lifting course with Karl mastering Olympic lifts which I look forward to developing over the coming months.


I decided to work towards a photo shoot to show my 12 month progress and Karl again came up with the perfect training and food diary for this.  The results in my physique have been awesome.  However it is not just about appearance, the training has given me a personal strength and confidence I never thought possible and on top of that I have made some great friends at Cheshire Barbell too.


Karl is an outstanding coach, he is always there to help, guide and motivate his clients.  His knowledge and understanding of the industry is second to none. I am so pleased I found Cheshire Barbell, it has changed my life.  Thank you Karl for helping me, I couldn’t have got  this far without you. I am excited to see what we can achieve together in the coming months .