Nathan Tindsley


"I sought the help of Karl this year with the aim of building some more muscle and getting rid of some fat.


Karl gave me an exercise program to follow including exercises, reps, sets, intensity and timings. The document also included an exercise database which gave me links to videos showing how to do the exercises. Karl was able to change the exercises in my program dependent on how I felt about them or any injuries/niggles I had. As well as doing all of this he was able to spot any weaknesses I had in certain lifts and showed me how to complete stretches or other exercises outside of his training sessions to fix these weaknesses.


The food planner was brilliant, Karl has created a document which meant that I could plan all of my meals for the week with the foods that I enjoy, making the plan much more sustainable than any I had tried before, and because of the weekly check-ins he could manipulate the calories and macronutrients to fit my goals, this meant that I was making constant, weekly progress.


All in all, Karl is an amazing coach; he acted as everything from an exercise/nutrition encyclopedia to somewhat of a therapist/motivational coach.  I am beyond happy with how my weightlifting abilities increased and also with how this impacted on how my body looks now, fitting into a 30 inch waist for the first time in my life as well as being able to squat more than ever before gave me such a confidence boost.


If you’re looking to improve your physique, fitness, weightlifting ability or confidence, I cannot recommend Karl enough.​"