No matter what your goal, I'll will take care of every aspect of your physical development and nutrition habits to ensure you finally achieve what it is you've been dreaming of. You wont find any coach or programme that goes into the detail I do. Take a look for yourself and see whats included with my Bespoke Online Coaching package.



Whether you're a complete beginner, or already into Weightlifting, Powerlifting or Strength & Conditioning for sport, we'll help you develop your maximal strength by guiding you through our structured training systems whilst utilising the equipment you have access, whether that be at your own home gym or one you're a member of. Maximal strength is a key foundation regardless of whether your goal is to prevent injury, build muscle, get leaner, move quicker or become more agile. Learning to produce maximum force is a fundamental of any programme. My carefully structured training programmes and coaching strategies will have you achieving personal bests week after week, making you more robust to tackle your goals head on.


The ability to be explosive again and again whilst minimising fatigue is what separates the good from the great, no matter what your sport or your goal. Whether you're looking to enhance sports performance, build muscle or excel in Endurance Sports, Weightlifting, Powerlifting or Strongman etc, the rate at which you produce force is an essential component of your success. Your programme will be built around your requirements, and you'll receive coaching the highest level in order to obtain the best results possible.


Your fitness can be measured and determined in many ways. General physical preparedness or GPP is required for all in order to meet the demand of training whilst being able to recover well. Whereas specific fitness may be required for athletes and individuals of certain sports in order to enhance performance and reduce fatigue. Either way, we will not only get you in the best shape of your life, but we'll be able to measure your improvements accurately using our training app. What's even more important, is that your fitness / conditioning sessions will not only get you into incredible shape, but you'll enjoy doing it to... we know how to programme whilst keeping things fun.


Initially, your training programme will be carefully designed and structured around the information you provide us in your initial consultation form.

From here, your programme will be built around your progress, how you move, your success and the information you provide us within weekly questionnaires. This means that everything you do is tailored to your needs. You're pushed at a rate that is right for your individual ability.

All of the prescriptions required to help you achieve your goal will be provided to you via our coaching app. This includes access to the relevant exercise demonstration videos and personalised tips to help improve the execution of your bespoke plan. You can use this app as a training diary to log your progress which you can look back on at any time. You will receive a programme to complete in your own time, whether that be in your own home gym or one you're a member of.



Injuries happen, it's a fact, particularly in certain contact sports such as boxing, rugby and combat sports. That being said, most are completely avoidable. We're of the opinion that there is no excuse to experience a non-contact related injury, as these are often the result of incorrect technique, lack of strength, poor load/stress management and fatigue... all of which are controllable. We can help keep you injury free, by monitoring your movement, improving technique, significantly increasing strength of your muscle, tendon, ligament and skeletal structures, managing the structure of your training carefully whilst also educating you on effective recovery, nutrition, pre-hab and rehab protocols.

Nutrition Advice

We all know how important nutrition is for health, optimising performance and recovering from training, but most people do not know where to begin. As part of our virtual coaching service, you will be provided with tailored nutrition advice. Whether you're at home and in a position to cook and prepare food yourself, or you're away and relying on hotel meals and restaurant food, you'll be given relevant information on how to structure your food, hydration and supplementation in order to get the best out of your training, performance as well as long term health.

The general structure of your nutrition plan will be provided to you in the aforementioned training app. You will also be provided with a brand new High Performance Recipe Book every single month, within which contains as many as 30 recipes or meal ideas including breakfast, small plates/snacks, main meals and desserts. These recipes will help you meet the nutritional prescriptions set out by your coach. 

Virtual Coaching

Despite training away from our facility, we will still be able to teach you how to execute your training programme effectively through our virtual coaching system. It will require you to record videos of what it is you're prescribed to do that day, we will respond by returning your video with annotations and a recorded voice-over to help you improve exercise technique and execution to ensure that you're getting the most out of your programme.

Although you are provided with exercise demonstration videos within your programme, we understand that the learning process is very individual and therefore specific to you. As we get to learn more about you and witness how you move, we can develop effective cues and coaching points that are relevant to you, rather than relying on generic advice received from simply watching videos on YouTube.


Contact is not limited whatsoever. You are guaranteed a reply within 24 hours should you contact us via your training app and we expect to shedule at least one video call with you each week.

Through experience of working with a number of professionals remotely, we know how important this is. It's essential that you have someone to go to at a moments notice to access important advice and information. It is our aim to put a team behind you that can help ensure you achieve your goal.

Face:Face Coaching 

If you live local to our training facility in Cheshire, UK, you can arrange regular face:face coaching sessions to compliment your overall physical development programme. These sessions can be used for supervision, catch-ups, opportunities to ask more in-depth questions or even monitor your performance.

In addition to housing all of the necessary strength and conditioning equipment required to help you become more athletic and robust on the tennis court, we are very fortunate to have access to a long list of sports science / biomechanics monitoring equipment that can help us carefully review your physical performance and even identify injury risk.

Those that live local to Cheshire Barbell tend to come and see us 3-4 times per month on top of their virtual coaching package. Those that live further afield and work with us online often come to see us once per month or even once every 6 weeks to review progress, revisit technical coaching and assess physical performance. The frequency is totally up to you. Face:face coaching sessions can be purchased as and when necessary on top of your private virtual training programme.


Carefully Structured Bespoke Strength & Conditioning Programme

Strength & Power Development Workouts

Plyometric & Ballistic Development Workouts (if your goal requires)

Agility & Change of Direction Development Workouts (if your goal requires)

Conditioning / Energy System Development Workouts

Injury Prevention & Recovery Strategies

Detailed and personalised Meal Plan

Supplementation advice

7 Recipe books and access to over 200+ recipes

Exclusive Desktop and Mobile App

Online Training diary to log your progress, exercise videos and weights/reps

Exercise Demonstration Videos

Private Members-Only WhatsApp group

Support 7 Days per week

Exclusive Members-Only discount to the Cheshire Barbell Shop

£240 per month

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