Learn to develop incredible levels strength, power, explosiveness and build muscle whilst getting in the shape of your life, all at the same time using one carefully structured training programme


Achieve levels of strength you never thought possible, using carefully structured strength & power sessions just four times per week. Each session will have detailed prescriptions for every exercise and movement to ensure you progress week in week out whilst preventing neuromuscular fatigue. Every week is designed to be different, therefore keeping training enjoyable, interesting and avoiding plateaus in your progress by exposing your body to different stimulus.


Compliment your ever-growing strength with speed and plyometric work in order to learn how to produce force explosively. Whether you compete in sport or simply want to prepare for whatever life throws at you, no S&C programme is complete without converting increased strength into rapid force generation. Learn to use giant sets and contrast methods to get the most out of your time in the weight room.


Conditioning work doesn't have to be arduous, boring and time consuming, and it certainly shouldn't take away from the improvements you're making in the weight room. As well as learning how to use giant sets in your strength sessions, you'll receive short, convenient, but very effective conditioning sessions to get you in the best shape of your life.



Fuel effectively to help perform at your best, recover optimally between training, manage your weight effectively and build muscle.

Access over 200 recipes and 7 recipe books as part of this plan


All of your training sessions and workouts are delivered through our simple, user-friendly app, which can be used as a training diary or log. Make notes, and access training history so that you can recognise and monitor your progress each and every week.


Access a weekly training calendar, prompted when tasks are due, and receive notifications when sessions are missed.


You'll be provided with exercise demonstration videos within the app along with detailed prescriptions and explanations. 



As well as completing a very quick and easy 5 step preparedness questionnaire to monitor your readiness to train, you can also monitor how many reps you perform and total kilograms lifted over a given session, week, month and year.

In addition, you can also keep track of all your Rep Max's and personal bests, which will help ensure you train to the right intensity during future sessions, and monitor your improvements across a given period.


Just 4 primary strength/power training sessions per week, with optional short convenient conditioning/GPP sessions thrown in there as an added bonus


Every exercise you're asked to complete as part of this programme comes with clear demonstration videos, written descriptions and cues. Should you have any questions or require alternatives along the way, you will receive support 7 days per week.


Have questions answered, receive additional help and guidance, learn from others' experiences and join in with topical discussions in our private members-only WhatsApp group.

Online S&C


4x Strength / Power Training Sessions each week

2x Optional GPP Conditioning Sessions each week

Carefully Structured Prescriptions to guarantee results

Videos & Instructions for every exercise / drill

Monitor your performance along the way with detailed charts and metrics

Support 7 days per week within the training app

210+ High Protein Recipes Sent to you in the form of 7 Recipe Books

Members only Private WhatsApp Group to answer your questions and discuss relevant topics

£19.99 / month

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Frequently asked questions

Are the Online Programmes tailored to me specifically?

No, however they are goal specific, meaning they are carefully structured in a way that will guarantee results based on effective evidence-based scientific principles. If you would like a programme that is built around your individual needs, weekly schedule/availability, the equipment you have access to, age, gender, training experience, injury history, specific goals / targets etc etc Click on Bespoke Coaching in the menu to find out more

Do the programmes include nutritional guidance?

All of our Online Programmes come with 7 Recipe Books that provide you with at least 210 different recipes, including: • Breakfasts • Small Plates • Mains • Desserts One of the Recipe books is written for Vegans If you'd like specfic tailored & structured nutritional guidance, meal plans and supplementation advice, then please check-out our tailored coaching service by clicking "Bespoke Coaching" in the menu

What equipment will I need for the Stength & Conditioning Programme?

This programme is being developed around the equipment commonly found in most commercial gyms and crossfit facilities, although a number of our exisiting members are able to complete it in their well-equipped home gyms If you are missing some of the following equipment, then don't worry. You can drop us a message in our members-only whatsapp group and someone will get back to you with an alternative REQUIRED: • Weighlifting barbell and plates • Squat rack • Sandbags or Rucksack to fill with water bottles & or sand • Pull-up bar • Pull Sled and/or prowler • Dumbbells and kettlebells • Medicine balls and D-balls • Plyo Box, Bench, Step to perform jumps, step ups etc • Resistance / Strength bands (for explosive dynamic work, as well as some accessories) • Resistance / Mini Bands (for warm up / corrective work) RECOMMENDED (not essential): • Speciality bars (trap bar, safety squat bar, axel, american cambered bar, cambered squat bar) • Farmer carry handles • Assault bike • Rower • Adjustable bench • Climbing rope • Hill for sprints

How many training sessions per week does this programme involve?

This programme contains everything you need to improve strength, rate of force production and explosiveness as well as reduce your risk of injury It includes • 4x Strength/Power Sessions + 2x Optional GPP Sessions The Strength / Power Sessions are put together in a way that will limit fatigue / soreness whilst guaranteeing results. The Optional GPP / General Conditoning sessions are provided to help you improve your rate of recovery, as well as develop a wide base / foundation to build upon whilst working toward your specifc goals After purchasing your programme, you will be redirected to a page that will provide you with instructions on how to download the app and access your training programme