We have four options for you to choose from. Regardless of your location, goals, budget and experience you will find an option that is right for you.  Click on the button below to read more.



Our site membership includes a 5 day / week weightlifting programme designed by BWL coach and MSc Graduate Karl Page. The training programme is updated on a weekly basis. You can access workouts from previous days, weeks and months, therefore giving you the chance to select a programme based on what you think is right for you. This membership is great for everyone looking for training programmes without coaching or a bespoke plan. To subscribe, simple click on the 'Sign Up' button below. You'll be redirected to GoCardless in order to enter your payment details. Payment will be taken in around 5 Working days and your membership will be approved. We will contact you to inform you.

£12 / $17 / €14 per month


Our Team Weightlifting membership is a little more in depth than our Site Membership, in that you will be sent a one of our programmes designed around a number of your specific needs including experience, gender, weight category, strength and goals. It is also for those who perhaps cannot afford our more bespoke 1:1 online coaching packages. When you click on the 'MORE INFO' button below, you'll be asked a series of questions to help us determine which plan is best for you. Upon joining us, you will receive your training programme every Sunday (GMT) via email. You will also gain access to our private facebook group and be able to ask questions and post videos for critique.

£60 / $85 / €70 per month



With our 1:1 Online Coaching Membership, you and your coach will work closely together to refine your weightlifting technique as well as develop a customised Weightlifting programme tailored to your every need. You will be given the opportunity to schedule a weekly Skype / FaceTime call to discuss your progress with your coach in person in addition to sending a weekly check-in to help your coach understand your every requirement. In addition, you will receive technical advice and critique based on videos you record of yourself.

Every element of this programme is tailored to you. Spaces on this package are limited and in some cases you may be asked to join a waiting list. You can sign up by clicking the button below. No payment will be taken until your coach has contacted you and a slot has been reserved.

£160 / $228 / €185 per month


With our Elite package, you get every you would if you were to have joined our 1:1 coaching package, however you will also receive a completely tailored Sports Nutrition and Supplementation plan to complement your Weightlifting programme. Both will be carefully structured around elements such as your goals, gender, weight category, strength, experience, menstrual cycle / hormonal status and more.

£199 / $284 / €230 per month


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