Paul Lynch


"I was one of Karl's oldest clients at the age of 60. I wanted to move away from resistance machines to free weights but thought I might be too old for Cheshire barbell. Karl assured me that I wasn't. Karl coached me both in the weight lifting workshop and as a personal client. Karl is passionate about fitness and brings energy, enthusiasm and a wealth of knowledge to every training session. He made me realise the importance of correct nutrition in combination with exercise to achieve real improvement in my physique and strength. He also equipped me with a host of mobility and activation exercises.


Each workout is challenging creative and fun but achievable. A high value is also placed on correct form with each exercise. A personal food plan was devised for me and a personal training programme tailored to my goals. Each of which was constantly updated to cater for my changing needs. Personal bests were also recorded so that progress could be seen, along with measurements to record and react to changes in body composition. I recommend Karl without reservation.


Thanks Karl for equipping me with the skills to progress my fitness into the future"

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