Phil Hayes


"I started training with Karl earlier this year with the goal of preparing my for my first ultra marathon as well as improving my physique. From the very first session Karl's knowledge and passion for fitness was apparent, and I started to see results physique wise within a couple of weeks. The tools provided made planning meals a breeze, and Karl is only a phone call away if I have any questions regarding nutrition, or training advice.


The plan at the beginning was that I would attempted to complete the 40 mile ultra marathon in 8 hours, but it became apparent over the 8 months training with Karl that this should be easily achievable. The fact that I finished the race in 06:00:43 and finished 5th speaks volumes about the level of training and commitment I received from Karl. 


Karl not only provides great advice, but also the encouragement and support to really help get the best results from the training and I would recommend him to anyone."