FREE: Today's Weightlifting Programme 24/09/16

Active Recovery Day:

  • ≥20 minutes of low impact cardiovascular work maintaining HR of 60-70% MaxHR (swim, cycle, cross-trainer)

  • 20-30 minutes foam rolling, focusing on calves, quads, glutes, thoracic spine and shoulders.

  • Specific mobility work (unloaded 15-20kg bar):

  1. OH squat

  2. Drop Snatch

  3. Extended/Tall Snatch

  4. High Hang Snatch

  5. Low Hang Snatch

  6. Snatch Grip RDL

  7. Snatch Halted Deadlift

Ensure that you follow your prescribed nutrition and supplementation plan. Drink 4-6 litres water. Use guided meditation to aid sleep (possible 20 min power naps were possible as discussed)

This page is designed to give you some inspiration and help guide or structure your own workouts. The programme's detailed above are samples only and have been influenced by our own training or that of the programme design for our lifters. They are in no way specific for your own training goal, nor placed in a particular order/format.

Should you wish to recieve your very own training programme and/or coaching, please research the services we can provide you and book your slot with one of our coaches by completing the relevant consultation forms.


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