Snatch Set-up

For me, it is essential that the set up for both the snatch and the clean is executed perfectly. One small deviation away from perfection and it can hugely affect your performance at a later phase of the lift....

Here are a few examples of common errors and their resultant errors:

• Weight through the heels - results in forward displacement of your weight distribution, potentially sending the bar forwards as you extend on to your toes.

• Shins vertical - greater load placed on the lumbar spine. You fail to perform the first pull correctly, loading your back rather than your hamstrings when the bar reaches knee height.

• Shoulders in front of the bar - you lose balance, whilst find that your hips are too far rearward at the top of the first pull. Your second pull looks more like a horizontal hip drive and the bar is sent way out in front... ugly!!

The list is endless, and I won't continue as that isn't the aim of this post. Instead, watch this short video and start improving your set up to see improvements in your snatch right away!

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