10 reasons why we're better than any other gym...

10 Reasons why you should consider becoming a member of Cheshire Barbell:

A lot of people message us asking if we offer 'open gym' or if it is possible to purchase monthly coaching sessions...

We don't, I'm afraid, and never will.

I know that this reduces the number of people that we appeal to, however we are not your typical commercial or conventional gym. We are not here to make you sweat for one hour per week. We are here to guide, encourage, educate and inspire people to achieve physical performance, mental health and well-being.

So here is why you should join us over your current commercial gym...

1. Every member that sets foot in our gym knows exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it. They have their very own programme and are taught exactly how to execute it.

2. Every member is allocated the exact equipment they need in order to get the job done. No waiting around for equipment to become available.

3. They are surrounded by like minded people, encouraged by others and learn from one another's experiences along the way.

4. I know every client by name and do all I can to learn as much about the individual as possible so that I can fit their training and nutrition programme around their lifestyle. Clients are asked to check in with me weekly so that I can adjust their training and nutrition programme on a regular basis to guarantee progress.

5. I have spent the last 6 years in higher education, attaining both a BSc and MSc in Strength and Conditioning along with a number of developmental courses and workshops to help better my knowledge in the field.

6. Nutrition is a big focus here, and it is something we discuss and work on regularly both inside and out of the gym. We have a number of different methods of prescribing the correct nutrition advice depending on the individual's preferences.

7. We have a client's only area that allows our members to access detailed videos on how to perform exercises within their programme and we offer a private members forum so that topics can be discussed and questions answered 24/7.

8. Classes are none existent. We don't offer generic classes that are unstructured and designed to accommodate everyone. We write programmes for the individual and they come here to train properly, and do what they need to do in order to achieve what they want in the most efficient way possible.

9. Every session is supervised. One of our coaches is always their to offer support, advice and encouragement so that everyone can get even more out of their programme.

10. We are more than just a gym. We're a community. This year alone we have attended olympic weightlifting competitions across the UK, the British Rowing Championships, a number of running events and we have organised a couple of road cycling tours. We are currently planning a 7 day trip to Scotland next year and have more events and competitions looming. Every 12-14 weeks we organise a families weekend where we head out to Snowdonia and give our members the opportunity to experience hiking, scrambling and climbing before enjoying a get together in front of a log fire.

There are probably another 10, maybe even 20 more reasons as to why you should join us. You too can experience all of this, along with an unlimited number of coaching sessions per week for as little as £32.50 per week.

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