So what's stopping you from getting results?

You may have seen my post on social media yesterday, and as promised here is the first of numerous posts that i'll be sending you in the coming week to help you address a number of problems you're facing that are hindering your results. As said yesterday, I would like you to think outside the box a little, and rather than search for the most affective methods to 'get in shape', I'm going to help you identify the things that you are doing to prevent you from obtaining your health, performance and physique goals. The first step to creating good habits is acknowledgement... So where are you going wrong? The first may sound obvious, but you still do it. You do not eat frequently enough! Now before you ask, meal frequency has no direct affect on fat loss. More than enough studies have demonstrated how total daily intake of food (protein, fats, carbs) determines the amount of fat oxidation or storage. So don't waste your time trying to eat 6 meals per day if 3 suits your lifestyle better! An example here would be that 3x800Kcal is no less effective than 6x400Kcal. Meal frequency, however, does have an indirect affect on your body composition in that frequent meals keep you satiated, reduce the chances of reducing blood glucose levels and therefore keep cravings at bay. Let's face it, we've all done it. Time passes so quickly when we're busy and it's easy to forget to eat. Perhaps you remember a time when you've been stuck in traffic and couldn't access a high protein meal. Maybe you've been stuck in a meeting, or even forgot to take your food to work and gone a whole afternoon without thinking that you'd last until you got home. These situations are inevitable. They're going to happen no matter whether you like it or not. The key here is to have a 'plan B'. Don't let yourself go hungry! You will only end up craving high-energy low-nutrient junk food. Have you ever pulled into a service station to grab a coffee and a chocolate bar? Maybe you remember when you stopped off at the local fish and chip shop on the way home because you couldn't be bothered cooking. Stop it! Now I am not going to suggest that you spend hours meal prepping like every other insta-famous 'trainer' suggests whilst taking a selfie of their arse in the mirror! Instead, learn your surroundings. There are always healthier options to be had. Maybe their is a small Tesco express or Co-Op near by that you can pop into and grab some cooked meat and a punnet of berries. Perhaps you know of a cafe that serves up protein based salads or soup. If there is nothing but a McDonalds around, get some porridge oats and add your own whey protein that you store in your gym bag. You could even keep emergency rations in the boot of your car! A bag of nuts, biltong, etc. There really is no reason to let yourself go hungry and as a result consume a heavy hit of nutrient-less junk. If you’d like more info about joining our team... Drop me an email and I’ll send over the relavent link so that you check out our packages and you can decide for yourself if this is for you

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