Breathing in the Squat

Want a big squat? Don’t underestimate the importance of correct breathing during the set up. Most don’t give this a thought. Inhale as you would normally and it’s likely your chest will lift, doing nothing but putting your spine into a weak position.

It's a common cause for lifter's experiencing spinal flexion, particularly at the bottom of the squat.

Record a video of yourself the next time you squat. When in the bottom third, is the bar traveling slightly forward of your mid-foot?

This can be a product of many factors, yes, but a common cause is that you're losing tension throughout your thoracic and lumbar spine.

A simple and very effective fix is ensuring that you breath correctly when setting up for your squat.

Take a deep breath in through your nose whilst forcing your stomach and obliques outward. Think about sucking air into your gut, all 360° of it. Your chest should not lift. Once you can’t get any more air in through your nose, finish with a short sharp breath in through the mouth getting a little extra air into your stomach. If you’re wearing a belt, you’ll feel your waist expand into the leather. At this point, engage your abdominals to lock this position into place and begin your descent. This will help maintain a tonne of intra-abdominal pressure and help support your trunk. Hold your breath throughout the entire rep, exhaling at the top. If you’re doing a multiple rep set, you will need to repeat this process before each and every rep.


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