My favourite overhead drill to develop powerful hips and an explosive lockout

If you play sport, then explosive and powerful hip & elbow extension is essential... almost every major action in sport requires this, whether it be some form throwing, punching, kicking or jumping.

Whether it be for a serve in tennis, downswing and impact in golf, or acceleration and hand off in rugby, well developed hips, shoulders and triceps will improve the performance and reduce injury risk for any athlete.

In Olympic Weightlifting, a common sticking point in the jerk is just above where the bar passes the head. It might be that the athlete does not have enough thigh and hip strength to accelerate the bar vertically, or perhaps they can't fire the triceps explosively enough to assist the leg drive at lock-out. The same can be said for strongman when performing the log clean and press.

Whatever the reason, the Push Press with bands is a fantastic exercise!

Regular barbell work involves deceleration toward the top of the lift, whereas the use of resistance bands reduces this as the athlete has to continue to apply increasing force to the bar as the tension in the bands increases, making this much more relevant to sport.

The bands also add an element of instability which is great for the prevention of injury.

They also increase the difficulty at the key areas of the lift, making this a very useful drill for overcoming sticking points.

You simply cannot do this drill without maximum effort, intent and focus. If you use the correct ratio of band tension to bar weight, then you'll develop an incredibly powerful hip drive and lockout at the elbow.

Here at Cheshire Barbell, we use a Linear Positional Transducer to measure the velocity of the lift to ensure the athlete is working at exactly the right intensity, however, a good starting point is to use approximately 50% of your 1RM in bar weight, and 25% of your 1RM in band tension at the top.

A set and rep scheme we like to use is 2-3 reps, on the minute for 8-10 minutes

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