Rob Quilliam


"I've just completed a 2 day course at Cheshire Barbell with Karl Page and I highly recommend it to anyone of all fitness level! I've always been interested in how Olympic lifters can shift such a huge amount of weight above their head and make it look easy, so this course was perfect for me to attend. Over the 2 days Karl went over the snatch, clean and clean & jerk step by step until we were confident enough to try the full movement.


There were 6 people on the course so being split into groups of 3 ensured we 1. Got good amounts of rest between our set

2. Got plenty of goes on the barbell to try and improve each time we stepped onto the platform and

3. Got to give/receive feedback to/from our fellow learners to ensure we kept on improving each and every time we took to the bar.


The learning doesn't stop there as we also received effective mobility and muscle activation warm ups from Karl, which can not only be used when Olympic lifting but to also use in any type of training. This was all explained to us in the programming section of day 2 which opens your eyes on how to incorporate Olympic lifts into every day training routines.


I loved every single minute of it and enjoyed working with a great group of people and also to learn from Karl as the guy is incredibly knowledgeable and an altogether great guy!"