Rob Ward-Dutton


"I recently attended a weightlifting workshop at Cheshire Barbell, coached by Karl Page. Over the course of the weekend we covered the main elements of weightlifting: the overhead squat, the snatch and it's derivatives, the front squat, the clean and it's derivatives, as well as the jerk. We were given individual coaching on each part of every lift, and gave feedback as a team to each other. We also covered assistance and mobility exercises, as well as some important points regarding the specifics of correct squat form.


Overall, the experience was an excellent one which has helped me to improve my technique on the snatch, clean and jerk and I would recommend it to anyone.


I have worked with Karl on a number of occasions and his knowledge of weightlifting and all things related is excellent. My technique has improved no end through his coaching and I would highly recommend him to anyone; no matter the goal, Karl can make it happen!


I really value all the information he's given me and the coaching and I'm hoping to come to another workshop in the future"

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