Sarah Glendenning


"Hi Karl

Thought I would send you an email with a follow up from our training just for your monitoring and assessing process.


First of all a HUGE thank you for getting me through my 1st dan and 2nd dan. You are amazing. Couldn't have done it without you.


This time I started with your meal planning.  I doubted it initially but became a believer when I felt better than ever although I struggled with the amount of protein I had to consume.


Since I've not been under your tutelage I've not been following my stuff to plan.  I've just realised I've slid into my old ways and am now not eating again and when I do it's not necessarily good stuff.


Just wanted to say you are amazing Karl. I may not be your perfect case study and some of the other barbells put me to shame with their commitment but thank you so much.


I achieved my 2nd dan because of your help,  I have no words for that. You gave me self belief, which I didn't have.  You helped my daughter,  thank you. 

In short you are one amazing person.  I hope people training with you in the future  realise how lucky they are.


Thanks for everything.  Can I contact you again in the future when I need my next dan?


Oh and a big thanks to your missus for her giving up your time lol.​"