Taryn Kinsey


"I have just completed a weightlifting course at Cheshire Barbell and it was amazing.


I have been wanting to take it up for a while but was always frightened of getting injured,but this course has totally eased my mind.


Over the 2 days Karl went over everything with us step by step, we practised each move till we all felt comfortable to move up to the next stage, and if any of us were unsure we all helped and gave each other tips on how to improve, there was only 6 on the course so we had 100% attention all the time, its a really friendly atmosphere and even at times when I felt unsure everybody gave me encouragement and my confidence grew and I was able to complete overhead squat, clean, clean and jerk and snatch which was the one I was most afraid of, but I am confident  now I can carry on what Karl has taught me and keep practising and over the next few months I can put all the lifts into my training and keep improving.


I have even come home with tips on stretching and mobility as I suffer with back problems from driving so I can incorporate these in-between my training sessions.


It was a really good informative 2 days and I loved training with the other people on the course and I would recommend anyone who is thinking about Olympic weightlifting to go to Karl and join on his course its well worth it"