Jayne Molyneux

"After struggling with my body being unresponsive to changes in my exercise plan and adjustments to my nutrition I was becoming frustrated. As ever, Karl listened to my moaning! But then started to interrogate my collection of subtle symptoms - feeling stressed and anxious, increased frequency of night terrors, mood swings, weight loss not happening, low energy and feeling generally meh!He went away, researched, networked and pulled together a proposal around an anti-fungal protocol. I was curious and not sure I was entirely convinced. I went away, sourced all my supplements and got myself prepared. I went away on holiday and came back even more stressed than ever....  read more

Paul Mason

"I have been coaching and Personal training for over 30 years and in that time have attended a vast amount of courses and gained a wealth qualifications and accreditations. I attended this course to refresh, refine existing skills and did that and learned so much more, not just about the lifts but about coaching techniques. It is obvious that Karl Page is at the top of his game, he has defined his own teaching methodology and has stripped away a lot of unneeded information to develop a clear concise coaching style that not only makes a very technical lifts easy to grasp but also does it a relaxed easy going style.This is probably the best course i have ever done so much so that i am doing it again in December...  read more

Paul Lynch

"I was one of Karl's oldest clients at the age of 60. I wanted to move away from resistance machines to free weights but thought I might be too old for Cheshire barbell. Karl assured me that I wasn't. Karl coached me both in the weight lifting workshop and as a personal client. Karl is passionate about fitness and brings energy, enthusiasm and a wealth of knowledge to every training session. He made me realise the importance of correct nutrition in combination with exercise to achieve real improvement in my physique and strength. He also equipped me with a host of mobility and activation exercises...... read more

Karl Llorca

"I attend the November Olympic Weightlifting Course at Cheshire Barbell ran by Karl Page and found it to be full of tips and facts and plenty of coaching but overall it was fun! I am not a seasoned lifter, nor am I training for a competition and to be honest was a little apprehensive about going on this kind of course as I thought I would look stupid or not be able to do any of the lifts. The pre-course information was spot on in preparing me for what was going to take place but what it didn't prepare me for was the personal progression I would make in such as short space of time. I am sure Karl can explain it in terms..... read more

Matt Fletcher

"For anyone who is interested in Olympic weightlifting I highly recommend Karls workshop. Over the course of the weekend he demonstrated and informed us on the various techniques to perform the lifts. Karl is really friendly and informative coach who brings a great atmosphere to the training environment and his tips bringing immediate improvements. From what I saw in myself and the other attendees was a major improvement every time we stood under the bar. Starting as a complete novice I was nervous as to how well I would perform, but at the end of the weekend I now feel happy that I can perform the lifts safely and can't wait to be back in the gym to practice..... read more

Tristian Macca

"I worked with Karl for a initial period of 16 weeks. My goal was to get as lean as possible while building lean muscle. The first four weeks we used various foods to see how they affected my body. The remaining 12 weeks was a very enjoyable and satisfying experience. Karl sent me my weights programme and tweaked my nutrition if necessary on a Tuesday after I sent him my progress photos and measurements. I can honestly say that I never plateaued during the 12 weeks. I also went to Thailand for two weeks during this period and tried to be as disciplined as possible however this was difficult as I was unable to access certain foods. Karl respected my efforts and provided additional support at times when I struggled. I then signed up up for a further 8 weeks to lean down further and there is no doubt I have achieved this goal. This will enable me to build more lean muscle in the coming months..... read more

Rob Quilliam

"I've just completed a 2 day course at Cheshire Barbell with Karl Page and I highly recommend it to anyone of all fitness level! I've always been interested in how Olympic lifters can shift such a huge amount of weight above their head and make it look easy, so this course was perfect for me to attend. Over the 2 days Karl went over the snatch, clean and clean & jerk step by step until we were confident enough to try the full movement. There were 6 people on the course so being split into groups of 3 ensured we 1. Got good amounts of rest between our set 2. Got plenty of goes on the barbell to try and improve each time we stepped onto the platform and 3. Got to give/receive feedback to/from our fellow learners to ensure we kept on improving each and every time we took to the bar. The learning doesn't stop there..... read more

Taryn Kinsey

"I have just completed a weightlifting course at Cheshire Barbell and it was amazing.

I have been wanting to take it up for a while but was always frightened of getting injured,but this course has totally eased my mind.

Over the 2 days Karl went over everything with us step by step, we practised each move till we all felt comfortable to move up to the next stage, and if any of us were unsure we all helped and gave each other tips on how to improve, there was only 6 on the course so we had 100% attention all the time, its a really friendly atmosphere and even at times when I felt unsure everybody gave me encouragement and my confidence grew and I was able to complete overhead squat, clean, clean and jerk and snatch which was the one I was most a..... read more

Mike Ward

"I have just completed a 2 day Olympic Weightlifting Course with Cheshire Barbell and what a course it was! Over the 2 days we covered the lifts, Snatch, Overhead Squat, Clean and Jerk. As well as the lifts Owner Karl showed me a huge variety of mobility exercises for my hips and shoulders. I thought I would struggle with the lifts due to a lack of flexibility, because of a lot of Rugby related injuries. But with Karl’s coaching and guidance throughout the weekend, I was able to increase my mobility and smash the lifts!!!


Working in a small group the whole weekend felt personal, with everyone getting 100% attent..... read more

Nathan Tindsley

"I sought the help of Karl this year with the aim of building some more muscle and getting rid of some fat. Karl gave me an exercise program to follow including exercises, reps, sets, intensity and timings. The document also included an exercise database which gave me links to videos showing how to do the exercises. Karl was able to change the exercises in my program dependent on how I felt about them or any injuries/niggles I had. As well as doing all of this he was able to spot any weaknesses I had in certain lifts and showed me how to complete stretches or other exercises outside of his training sessions to fix these weaknesses.


The food planner was brilliant..... read more

Leza Walker

"Having trained for almost 20 years I became aware that I was doing the same thing over and over and making no progress what so ever. I was introduced to Karl 12 months ago and I instantly liked his passion and dedication for everything fitness, he revolutionised my work outs and my whole attitude to training. Before meeting Karl I would spend hours in the gym doing mainly cardo and seeing very little results. Karl devised a personalised training programme for me and the results I have seen are amazing. No longer do I spend hours hammering the treadmill and bike, I now lift weights along with interval sessions and spend less time in the gym but see awesome results!! On top of the training programme which is updated regularly to meet my specific goals Karl devised a food plan for me to ..... read more

Sarah Glendenning

"Hi Karl, thought I would send you an email with a follow up from our training just for your monitoring and assessing process.


First of all a HUGE thank you for getting me through my 1st dan and 2nd dan. You are amazing. Couldn't have done it without you.


This time I started with your meal planning.  I doubted it initially but became a believer when I felt better than ever although I struggled with the amount of protein I had to consume..... read more

Jayne Molyneux

"When I started training with Karl  12 months ago I was a very overweight, out of shape, mum of 3. I had tried all kinds of weird and wonderful diets  and thought that doing zumba would bring me the fitness benefits that I needed. When It became apparent I turned to you as a last resort – having very low self esteem this took a massive amount of courage.


I found his nutritional advice really helpful, a gentle introduction to better dietary habits before the fine tuning began. I also was reassured that my exercise programme was challenging but not impossible!


Over the months I developed from only managing body weight exercises to starting to learn the basics of Olympic weightlifting... read more

John Fegan

"Would like to say a big thank you to karl on helping me achieve my goal of a fitness cover model. I highly recommend Karl as a coach as he was always available for advice and direction.


The meal plan and workouts are both individualistic which is the main reason I chose Karl as a coach. I can not speak highly enough of the service he provides and I credit him a lot for me reaching my goal. From video analysis to progress reports Karl was on hand to give advice and most importantly for me the reasoning for this. So again thank you Karl hope we got the results you were hoping... read more

Karl Llorca

"I started on my weight loss journey on October 11th 2010. My starting weight was 28st 6lb and to be honest I was pleased with that weight as I had suspected I might have been over 30 stone by this point. I had tried to see the dietician on referral from the GP as I wanted gastric surgery to help me to lose the weight but the waiting list was ridiculous, 6 months.


Being that large some things were hard for me to do, physically I was probably more mobile than most people at that weight but still it was a struggle to do stairs and such like. I started off by going to Zumba classes, as I’ve always been a fan of dancing. I fell in love... read more

Liam Larkin

"I decided to seek Karl's expertise in prepping for my photo shoot after being inspired by his own amazing transformation. He really practices what he preaches as well as having an extensive knowledge in training, health and nutrition. 


I wanted a new training goal and direction and he ensured I had a carefully thought out plan, specific to me that was well structured but also allowed for flexibility to suit my lifestyle. My training and nutrition plans were changed at the right times to ensure I kept progressing and due to Karl's methods I didn't hit a plateau through the entire prep. 


The service Karl provides is exceptional and... read more

Phil Hayes

I started training with Karl earlier this year with the goal of preparing my for my first ultra marathon as well as improving my physique. From the very first session Karl's knowledge and passion for fitness was apparent, and I started to see results physique wise within a couple of weeks. The tools provided made planning meals a breeze, and Karl is only a phone call away if I have any questions regarding nutrition, or training advice.


The plan at the beginning was that I would attempted to complete the 40 mile ultra marathon in 8 hours, but it became apparent over the 8 months training with Karl that this should be easily achievable. The fact that I finished the race in 06:00:43 and finished 5th speaks volumes about... read more

Sam Brady (Wigan Warriors & England International Under 16)

I started training with Karl 12 months ago and within the first few sessions I could already see his wealth of knowledge and expertise. Not only this but he explained things in a specific way which was relevant to my sport (rugby league) this making things easier to understand and take In. Also it gives sessions an educational perspective and understanding your movements can help in development. 


Karl is extremely supportive, and can be contacted any time he's just a phone call away. Karl's friendly manor makes sessions really enjoyable as I now see Karl as a coach and a friend.


Overall the service provided is first class!... read more

Mike Martindale

When my journey began with Karl back in May 2013, my biggest aim was weight loss. I was weighing in at 14 stone and was looking very unfit. I was introduced to Karl through a friend and at the time I really did not know what to expect. When I filled out my application form one of the questions was what was my aim. I really wanted to complete a half marathon and maybe in the future a full marathon as well. I never thought for a minute that the same year I would be competing in my first half marathon, and I did!


it was in the September 2013 I completed the Warrington half marathon and I was hoping for a time of under 2 hours which I never thought would happen, but Karl kept telling me that it was totally achievable and the training began which at first was really hard but like I say Karl... read more