Private Coaching

Physical development and injury prevention is essential for your son or daughter. Whether they're training daily in order to satisfy their dream of one day going pro, or they're taking part in their sport recreationally, taking care of their body during their developmental age is crucial. As their bodies change through maturation, you have to be very careful with the way you structure their long term development. This doesn't mean wrap them in cotton wool, rather be smart as to how you go about planning their journey.

Our service provides your son or daughter with everything they need to increase their chances of success whilst reducing injury risk. We monitor growth, stages of development, menstruation / hormone cycles and educate them on how to move correctly and fuel themselves, not only with tennis performance being the priority, but also long-term health.


Training Programmes

As part of our bespoke virtual coaching service, your son or daughter will be provided with a coaching app, where they can access their very own tailored training programme on a laptop, tablet and even their/your phone. 

Their training programme will be carefully designed and structured around the information you provide us in their initial consultation and weekly questionnaires. Depending on their goals, training experience, injury history, gender, competition schedule and availability, their programme may include strength training, plyometrics, speed work, agility, coordination skill development, conditioning and injury prevention sessions. All of the prescriptions required to help them achieve their goal will be provided to them via our coaching app. This includes access to the relevant exercise demonstration videos and personalised tips to help improve the execution of their bespoke plan. 

Physical Development

At this stage of their career, long term athletic development is certainly our focus over short term performance. We are programming with the future in mind. Mastering the basics you could call it. What is important, is how those basics are structured throughout the week, month and year. No stone will be left unturned when it comes to the structuring of their strength and power training, agility and coordination work, along with speed and reaction sessions.

A lot of time, effort and attention to detail will be applied to their injury prevention work and prescribed recovery sessions. We don't want your son or daughter to be one of those players who turns up constantly halving to wear ankle braces and KT Tape. 

Physical performance, efficient recovery and the reduction of injury risk will all come about easily if we can help them become consistent in following the annual, quarterly and weekly structure we design for them, however we can take this another step further by educating your son or daughter on the topic of nutrition...


After the initial consultation and compiling some information from the first few sessions with your son or daughter, we will begin designing a bespoke Long Term Athletic Development plan in order to pave the ideal path that we believe they should take in order to achieve their dream. 

Depending on your son or daughters age and experience prior to joining us, we will break their journey down into 5 key developmental stages that fit around their growth, maturation, training and competition experience. These stages are:

Developmental, Learning to Train, Learning to Perform, Learning to be a professional and Living as a professional. 

Their LTAD plan will prove very useful in deciding what they should be focusing on during certain aspects of their development, whether that be technical, tactical, physical and psychological. In an ideal world, we would want some communication with their coach to ensure that the overall plan fits with what they are currently working on toward the longer term goal. 

Nutrition Advice

We all know how important nutrition is for health, optimising performance and recovering from training, but most parents do not know where to begin. As part of our virtual coaching service, you will be provided with tailored nutrition advice. Whether you're at home and in a position to cook and prepare food for your son or daughter, or you're away with them at a tournament and relying on hotel meals and restaurant food, you'll be given relevant information on how to structure their food, hydration and supplementation in order to get the best out of their training, performance on court as well as long term health.

The general structure of their nutrition plan will be provided to you in the aforementioned training app. You will also be provided with a brand new High Performance Recipe Book every single month, within which contains as many as 30 recipes or meal ideas including breakfast, small plates/snacks, main meals and desserts. These recipes will help you meet their nutritional prescriptions set out by your coach. 

Whilst away at tournaments, we can look at the menu provided by your hotel and local restaurants, as well as chat to you daily about the foods they should choose laid out by the venue / tournament organisers. No stone will be left unturned.

Tournament Nutrition

Nutrition, hydration and supplementation is no more or less important during tournaments. Regardless of how much work has gone into their technical and tactical development, get their nutrition wrong and their chances of success can diminish drastically, particularly during matches that last 90 minutes or more. Even more so in locations where the weather is different to that where they typically train. 

There is no denying that their nutrition and hydration is more difficult to manage during these periods as they are having to rely on food from their hotel, local restaurants and that provided by tournament organisers. We've got you covered. With our virtual coaching, we will research local amenities for you, contact them and make arrangements on your behalf so you don't have to make difficult last minute decisions to ensure your son or daughter performs at their best, recovers, and avoids various bugs and digestive issues often associated with travel.

Virtual Coaching

Whether they're training at their local facility or away from home at a tournament, they will be educated on how to execute their training programme effectively through our virtual coaching system. It will require you or them to record videos of what it is they're prescribed to do that day, we will respond by returning their video with annotations and a recorded voice-over to help them improve exercise technique and execution to ensure that they're getting the most out of their programme. 

Although they are provided with exercise demonstration videos within their programme, we understand that the learning process is very individual and therefore specific to them. As we get to learn more about your son or daughter and witness how they move, we can develop effective cues and coaching points that are relevant to them, rather than relying on generic advice received from simply watching videos on YouTube. 


We expect to see your son or daughter at least 4 times per month, however we want regular contact with them outside of their sessions to ensure that their programme is running smoothly. If you or your son / daughter contacts us via the training app, we always respond within 24 hours, meaning that questions they have regarding their development can be answered almost right away. There is no need to search the internet for answers, we have them for you! In addition to regular contact on the training app we also offer FaceTime / video calls numerous times per week. 

This contact is a useful time for us to help educate your son or daughter on matters relating to warm-ups, injury prevention, exercise execution, nutrition, sleep and other areas associated to their development. 

Face:Face Coaching 

If you live local to our training facility in Cheshire, UK, you can arrange for your son or daughter to have regular face:face coaching sessions to compliment their overall physical development programme. These sessions can be used for supervision, catch-ups, opportunities to ask more in-depth questions or even monitor their performance. 

In addition to housing all of the necessary strength and conditioning equipment required to help them become more athletic and robust on the tennis court, we are very fortunate to have access to a long list of sports science / biomechanics monitoring equipment that can help us carefully review their physical performance and even identify injury risk. 

Those that live local to Cheshire Barbell tend to come and see us 3-4 times per month on top of their private coaching package. Those that live further afield often come to see us once per month or even once every 6 weeks to review progress, revisit technical coaching and assess physical performance. The frequency is totally up to you. Face:face coaching sessions can be purchased as and when necessary on top of their private virtual training programme.

This is a very useful time to not only help them refine their exercise / footwork technique, but also assess their peak height velocity (growth spurts), stability, balance, posture and other areas that can help identify risk of injury.

Youth Private

1 Session at Cheshire Barbell per week

Prescribed Strength Training Sessions

Detailed Conditioning Sessions


Plyometric Training Sessions


Change of Direction Development Sessions


Speed Development Sessions


Injury Prevention Workouts

Pre-Sport Warm Up / Prep Sessions

Monthly High Performance Recipe Book


Access to video demonstration videos


Their very own training app, complete with a training log and somewhere to monitor their improving performance 


Weekly check-ins / feedback forms to ensure their coach can tailor their week's training to their needs and availability

£160 per month

Youth Private Plus

2-3 Sessions at Cheshire Barbell per week

Prescribed Strength Training Sessions

Detailed Conditioning Sessions


Plyometric Training Sessions


Change of Direction Development Sessions


Speed Development Sessions


Injury Prevention Workouts

Pre-Sport Warm Up / Prep Sessions

Monthly High Performance Recipe Book


Access to video demonstration videos


Feedback on their own technique via video, complete with annotations and recorded voice over


Their very own training app, complete with a training log and somewhere to monitor their improving performance 


Weekly check-ins / feedback forms to ensure their coach can tailor their week's training to their needs and availability


Skype / video call every 2 weeks to discuss progress and answer any of their detailed questions 

Just £7 / day

Best Value

£240 per month

Youth Private Premium

3-5 Sessions at Cheshire Barbell per week

Detailed annual, monthly and weekly timetable structured around tournament schedule.


Prescribed Strength Training Sessions

Detailed Conditioning Sessions


Plyometric Training Sessions


Change of Direction Development Sessions


Speed Development Sessions


Injury Prevention Workouts

Pre-Sport Warm Up / Prep Sessions

Detailed Nutrition Plan

Monthly High Performance Recipe Book

LTAD plan


Access to video demonstration videos


Feedback on their own technique via video, complete with annotations and recorded voiceover


Their very own training app, complete with a training log and somewhere to monitor their improving performance 


Weekly check-ins / feedback forms to ensure their coach can tailor their week's training to their needs and availability


Weekly Skype / video call to discuss progress

25% discount off 1-2-1 performance testing at Cheshire Barbell (force profiling, jump testing, timing gates, agility tests, barbell velocity, balance, shoulder stability, body fat % etc)

25% discount off blood tests (IgG intolerance testing, vitamin deficiencies and hormone profiles)


25% discount off 1-2-1 coaching sessions at Cheshire Barbell 

£320 per month

1:1 Sessions

We are incredibly fortunate to have our own Strength & Conditioning facility, Cheshire Barbell, and therefore capable of offering private small-group or 1:1 coaching sessions. Your son or daughter will already be offered 3-4 sessions per month as part of the package you chose, however you may wish for them to work with us more frequently.

If you can get your son or daughter to Cheshire, UK, then they will be able to work with their coach in-person, as well as access a variety of biomechanical testing equipment to help monitor their performance or even assess their risk of injury.

Private sessions may include expert technical adjustments / improvements made to physical literacy, jump performance testing, balance / stabilisation tests, shoulder health assessment, speed / agility tests, body composition assessment, power output analysis and of course the opportunity to sit down with their coach to discuss areas such as nutrition, recovery, warm ups, injury prevention and much more.

In an ideal world, we'd like to see them at least 4x per month to ensure we are keeping on top of their progress, however one off sessions are possible, particularly if you are having a significant distance to come and see us.

These sessions can be purchased as an add-on to one of the three online coaching options. You may ask for them to attend a small group session (max of 5 attendees) or request a session all of your own.


Prices listed below


1:1: £40 / session